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Carly & Jase - The Invitations

Carly and Jase came to me last summer with the ideas for their wedding invitations. It was a wonderful mix of mint green, vintage and marvel characters. Carly sent me some images of bridesmaid dresses, pretty pastel floral bouquets and jam jar arrangements that helped me understand the theme of their wedding day.

Like me, she too was marrying a marvel crazy fanatic and I loved the idea of bringing together two completely different contrasting ideas into one design, that would represent them both perfectly as a couple.

I began by creating a Pinterest board so I could gather all my ideas into one place and then I could really get a feel for the angle I was going to go down. I knew the marvel characters had to be monochrome so they didn’t clash with the beautiful mint green palette.

The design took on a backyard garden style with a mint green fence, an enchanted tree lit with jam jars and lanterns and a dusty vintage backdrop. The font was a playful handwritten style that could be read at different point sizes and each page featured a different marvel character of the groom’s choice.

The bride and groom were delighted with the outcome and now I’m very excited to be working on the rest of their wedding stationery including the table plan, table names, place settings and order of service. This beautiful big day will be in May at The Skylark Golf & Country Club and I look forward to showing off the rest of their stationery and a few sneaky photos of the bride and groom themselves.

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