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Sam & Amy - Save the Dates

Sam and Amy are getting married in the Bride’s family home farm in Dixon, Missouri. It’ll be a wonderful long weekend affair with a welcome BBQ, the wedding day itself and then a bon voyage brunch. Being on the other side of the world they’ve planned it well ahead of time to give their UK guests the opportunity to attend their very special day.

They came to me with a brief for a save the date postcard that could go out to all their UK friends and family. Another postcard will be sent out later on in the year for their American guest list and they have a beautiful wedding website, providing all the information their guests may need.

The brief was fairly open for my creativity. They had a couple of examples that they liked the look of from Pinterest. The bride liked the idea of having a map with a heart pinned to her hometown in the states and another pinned to the Groom’s hometown in the UK. They loved the idea of a plane flying between the two, with the words ‘Get your passports ready’.

The design was simple yet elegant, with a quirky edge. I gave it a mint green and grey colour scheme with a textured background. The Bride and Groom were very happy with the results and sent their postcards out last month.

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