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Why Save The Date?

Congratulations you’re engaged, no doubt floating on air, dancing around with the cheesiest grin on your face and sporting a nice new bit of bling on your finger. The wedding planning has begun and you and your partner have set a date for your big day. Eek!

Somebody then asks you, ‘Are you going to send out save the dates?’

You look at them a little puzzled and then overwhelming thoughts start running through your head…’but we haven’t decided on a venue’…’I don’t know my colour scheme’…’I don’t know what time the ceremony will start’…

DON’T PANIC, you don't need to know all your wedding details just yet and not all couples send out save the dates. Firstly, it’s not always necessary and secondly it’s really personal preference.

Reasons for a Save The Date?

Destination Wedding - If you’re getting married abroad you’ll want to give guests plenty of time to book up their travel arrangements, budget for the big event and request holiday at work. (8 months is a general rule for a destination wedding)

Peak Holiday Season - Sending a Save The Date will increase guests' chances of attending your celebration instead of booking that summer holiday.

Just Because – You may just want to have a little fun with your save the date. It’s not as formal as an invitation. This is your opportunity to let your style as a couple really shine, or try out a theme you love but are hesitant to commit to just yet.

What to include?

At this point, you may not have all the specifics, but that's okay. Normally a Save The Date should include:

  • Couple's Names

  • Wedding date (or dates, for a wedding weekend)

  • Location (a city is helpful, even if the venue isn't booked yet)

  • Notice for a formal invitation to follow

Our Save the Date?

When my husband and I got engaged, to my suprise we had a lot of similar ideas surrounding our big day. We knew we wanted a summer wedding and we loved the idea of a rustic barn with a BBQ and a cake made out of cheese! After falling in love with our first barn venue, we set the date, which gave us a year to plan the big day. My husband is in the military so we had to think about some of our guests being away and it was peak holiday season so we decided to send out some Save The Dates to make sure that all our nearest and dearest had the opportunity to attend the big day.

We hadn't really settled on a theme for our wedding. Being a designer of wedding stationery, it's hard to settle on one idea when you've seen so many. My husband wanted a Marvel superhero theme. This, we didn't quite agree on.

However, I wasn't going to let his crazy ideas take over the day, but it is a big part of him (maybe a little of me) and I wanted the day to represent both of us. I liked the idea of using our Save the Date to be a bit playful so I agreed to design it with a comic book theme in mind. He was of course very happy with this decision. It told the story of our engagement down at Lulworth Cove and was printed on magnetic stock so guests to stick it to their fridges.

I had to reassure my rather traditional Nan that our wedding wasn't going to be superhero themed but we did include a few more suprise elements on the day. (I'll share those in a future post)

More Inspiration

Here are a few more examples of creative Save the Dates from our Studio Campbell Pinterest page. Visit our page to get more inspiration for your big day. CLICK HERE

If you have some ideas of your own that you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you. Please email hello@studiocampbell.co.uk

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