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Need some more details? You'll most likely find the answer to your questions below...

  • I already have my branding designed; can you help me with business stationery?
    Absolutely, If you have a vector-based version of your logo for me to work with, I’m happy to discuss any design brief you may have.
  • Do you design social templates?
    Yes, I can create completely bespoke editable social templates that you can work with in Canva and amend at your own leisure.
  • Can you provide me with the native files?
    Designers don’t normally give out their native artwork files. Not only can it cause licensing complications, but it’s also like a chef giving up their favourite recipe. It’s taken years of experience for me to perfect my craft, so to give up files for other designers to take and use as their own just isn’t how I work. If by special circumstances you have an in-house team that will need to work with these files, then I will charge a release fee.
  • What if I need to make changes to business stationery in the future?
    Minor amends like name changes and updates in company details can be done free of charge for up to 3 rounds. Further amends will incur a small handling fee. Printing costs will also apply.
  • I’ve got an unusual bespoke design request, can you help?
    Absolutely. Please include as much information about your design project when filling out the contact form or book a discovery call to discuss it further.
  • I need some packaging designed; can you help?
    Yes of course. Please include as much information about your design project when filling out the contact form or book a discovery call to discuss it further.
  • I’m not really sure what design support my business needs, can you help?
    Yes. Book a Discovery Call and we can have a Zoom chat over a cuppa.
  • How do I enquire about your design services?
    To start the booking process, please click here
  • Can I pay in instalments?
    Yes! All branding and design projects are paid for via instalments. When your project is scheduled, a 50% booking fee is taken to secure your date. The remaining balance is invoiced prior to receiving your final artwork.
  • How do I pay?
    Payment can be made via BACS. Details are given to you via invoice.
  • Is my booking fee refundable?
    My booking fees are non-refundable. Your booking secures your place in my design queue and ensures you are serious about moving forward with your project.
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
    Yes, a contract is important for both of us. It outlines exactly what we can expect from each other and lays down the foundations of your project.
  • What if I miss my deadline?
    Deadlines make sure your project gets delivered on time - if target dates get missed it can obviously impact the remainder of your project, plus any others I may be working on. I’ll detail all deadlines in your contract and if they aren’t met, there might be a delay to your project or a rescheduling fee added to your invoice.
  • How do I know you’re the right designer for me?
    If you’d like to read a bit more about me then click here. If you’d like to chat first before committing to your project, then book your discovery call here.
  • What’s the process?
    Click here to read through the process
  • What’s the lead time for branding projects?
    Brand design projects typically take around 4 weeks from the start date to launch.
  • What if I just want a logo?
    I don’t offer a single logo-only service. A full brand identity encompasses a broader range of elements such as colour palette, typography, imagery, messaging, and tone of voice, all of which work together to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience. Without a comprehensive brand identity, your brand may struggle to stand out in a crowded market and may fail to communicate its values, vision, and mission effectively to your audience.
  • Are design amendments free?
    After you’ve received your first concept, you’ll have the opportunity to make up to two lots of refinements. Any amends after this will be charged to the final invoice. Refinements include minor tweaks and perfections to your chosen design and not full redesigns or new concepts.
  • What final files will I receive?
    Your logos will be sent via WeTransfer. You'll receive the following file formats: • EPS (Vector) • PDF • JPEG for print • PNG (transparent background) • Black & White PNG’s
  • How many design concepts will I receive?
    Instead of sending you multiple visual concepts to choose from, I use a 'One Concept Method' which involves presenting a singular, cohesive brand identity. This allows me to lay out every element of your brand and how they will all work together. It also limits the number of decisions you have to make and thoughtfully guides you through the design process. When a designer brings multiple concepts to a client, there’s a high potential for ideas to get diluted. Since the designer is forced to spread their time and creativity across multiple concepts, they don’t all get the attention they deserve. The designer is bound to give more attention to the one they feel is the strongest for the brand. As a result, the designer ends up presenting concepts they know aren’t as strong from a strategic perspective, thus giving the client an opportunity to choose them. And what’s the point in offering anything other than the best?
  • What if I don’t like the logo?
    I totally understand it’s nerve-wracking to put your trust in someone else to bring your vision to life. I assure you, the brand discovery process is incredibly detailed and I’m confident I can create something perfect for you.
  • Will I receive fonts?
    Your logo is usually either a bespoke font or a heavily customised font – this just ensures your logo is completely unique and entirely yours. I can’t send you the font files directly for copyright and licensing reasons but I will include all of the font information for your brand's typography along with the links I recommend to purchasing your own font licence.
  • Will I own the copyright?
    The full ownership of your chosen logo and icons will be transferred upon final payment of your project fees. You’re welcome to register the logo as a trademark too! As with any creative, I will always retain the artistic rights to anything I create.
  • Can you design business stationery?
    Absolutely! I love nothing more than diving into stationery, print and packaging projects with my branding clients.
  • I need some help launching my branding. How can you help?
    Please click here to learn more about my retainer services.
  • Do I get a discounted rate?
    Yes, you’ll get 10% Off my usual fees
  • What design services are included?
    Most design services are included in the monthly retainer price - graphic design, layout, marketing, photography, social media marketing, etc.
  • How does it work?
    Monthly Retainers are designed for clients with a variety of design needs on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more.
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