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Rebranding Landscapeplus after 20 years


Landscapeplus was started over 20 years ago by two brothers who identified a gap in the market for good customer service, quality products and teaching other landscape contractors to install garden items for lighting, water features and irrigation. 

Over the years Landscapeplus’s ethos and culture have always been something they are proud of but with consistent growth, it’s becoming difficult to keep that at the heart of the business leading to an inconsistent customer experience and a confused position in the market.


With that in mind, the Landscapeplus team wanted to evolve their branding to set themselves apart from industry competitors and compliment their invaluable reputation for providing high-quality products whilst also sharing knowledge and support to industry professionals.

  • The brand is highly recognised for its vibrant colours of magenta and grey so it was crucial that it remained within the brand but was used in a way that didn’t become over-saturated or inconsistent in shade. 

  • The original logo was a handwritten script and had been known to have pixelation issues once expanded for large format use. This cheapened the look of the brand and created inconsistency. I wanted to steer away from the handwritten style to give the brand a cleaner, modern look that added quality and value to the brand identity. 

  • The branding needed to be used in many different formats throughout the business so there needed to be different versions of the logo to create a flawless cohesive identity.



  • Following on from the original logo, I wanted to show the brand evolving so it was really important to keep the logo lowercase. It also gives it a softer and more approachable look.

  • I wanted to keep a square logo mark as the pink square had become highly recognisable amongst their customers.

  • One of their branding issues was that the business name is so long it didn’t always fit well in specific marketing formats so I wanted to look at using alternative ways to deal with this problem.

  • When using a plus sign it can be tricky not to look like a medical business so this needed some careful consideration.

  • Letter manipulation or bespoke letterforms would be designed subtly to achieve a unique and simpler look with context.

  • The pink will be used sparingly amongst the grey so it doesn’t overwhelm the branding but adds impact through simple letterforms and shapes. 


Following on from the original logo, I wanted to keep the main text in lowercase letters. It gives the visual identity softer edges and makes it more approachable.

The logomark is made from the letters L,S and P with a plus sign. The letterforms flow into each other with a continuous line to make up a cube. I wanted to highlight that Landscapeplus is a trade-only account, known for its high-quality products and superior next-day delivery service. 

The inside of the box has been rounded to give it a softer, friendlier and supportive look. The rounded P shape also stays consistent with the main text of the logo. 

A custom san serif typeface gives this design a completely unique look. 

The ‘a’ and the ‘p’ have been adapted to form subtle leaf shapes without being too obvious. 

One of the biggest issues with the old logo was the length of the word. When reduced in size for different formats it became too small. I’ve created different versions for different formats but even just dropping ‘plus’ below the baseline helps to add clarity to the name of the business.


Landscapeplus launched their new branding at Futurescape London at the end of last year.

The team built an ultra modern minimal trade stand and I designed the panels which would adorn the fronts and backs and show off the new branding in all its glory!

To see the trade stand build and how the team got on you can follow their journey here


"We've been working with Kayleigh for a number of years and she's never failed to produce for us. Having recently rebranded it always amazes me how quickly Kayleigh can understand our aims and come up with a great solution."



Are you considering a rebrand or have a creative design brief which you'd like to discuss, get in contact here

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