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Why 'Canva Cookie Cutter' logos are damaging to your brand

Sure there’s a place for Canva in the business start-up world (you have to start somewhere) but in the long term, it’s damaging your brand.

Here are just 3 reasons why…

1️⃣ Individuality - there’s a great selection of designs to choose from but the rest of the world also has access to them which means you’re going to have the same logo as many other businesses. You want to be unique!

2️⃣ Licensing issues - There are plenty of stock images and graphic elements to choose from but they can’t be used as part of a logo or trademark design. Creating designs that have restrictions on use can be damaging to brand awareness.

3️⃣ No Vector Format - Canva is not a professional-level design software so anything produced can not be exported as a vector. This means your logo will become pixelated when you try to scale it and print large format items.


Don’t get me wrong, I use Canva myself for aiding in the design of social media templates and formatting to different dimensions but IT IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL LOGO DESIGNER.

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