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Brand Spotlight: Ellwood Public Relations

Hi Adam, thanks for joining me today for the Brand Spotlight Feature. Can you tell us your business name and describe what you do?

Hi Kayleigh, We're Ellwood PR and we specialise in public relations, marketing, and social media services, catering primarily to property clientele. Our expertise allows us to offer targeted and effective communication strategies that enhance our clients' visibility, reputation, and engagement with their audience.

Business Cards designed by Studio Campbell. Duplex printed with hot gold foil

What were you looking to achieve with your brand identity before working with Studio Campbell?

When we launched Ellwood PR, we knew our brand needed to reflect the wealth of experience within our team. We aimed to project a sense of heritage and reliability, building confidence amongst our clients. We wanted our logo to be instantly recognisable as property-focused while conveying the trust and expertise that define our services.

Studio Campbell has also designed our business stationery, website and various awards presentation documents for our clients.

What specific challenges or pain points were you facing with your brand’s visual identity before we started working together?

We wanted an illustration or graphic that had a modern edge but also incorporated an art deco font type, and it needed to be instantly recognisable as buildings or a skyline. This was crucial for reflecting our focus on property while standing out in a competitive market.

Awards Presentation for Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Co.

How did you come across my services, and what made you choose to work with me over other options?

We came across your services through a personal recommendation. The trust and positive feedback we received about your work made us confident that you were the right choice for creating our brand identity.

Can you share your experience of the process we went through to create your brand identity? What stood out to you?

Our experience working with you was exceptional. We found you to be very conscientious and dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome. The process was collaborative, and your attention to detail stood out.

Letterhead Design

How did my approach to creating your brand identity differ from what you expected or from other experiences you’ve had?

What we appreciated most were your initial concepts. They were well-thought-out and aligned with our vision. You provided us with several strong options, and we loved the ability to combine and refine our favourites into the final design.

What aspects of our collaboration did you find most valuable or unique?

Your hands-on approach and willingness to listen and act on our brief to the letter were incredibly valuable. It’s rare to find someone who not only has the creative talent but also the dedication to understand and implement our vision so precisely.

Can you share any specific feedback you’ve received from your audience or clients about your new brand visuals?

We regularly receive positive comments on the brand, especially the art deco style of the font, which really stands out. Our business cards always receive praise, which helps make a lasting impression on potential clients. People have told us that our logo perfectly captures our brand and stands out memorably. This feedback reassures us that we made the right decision in working with you.

Can you share a specific moment or result that made you particularly happy with the work we did together?

We were particularly thrilled with the website you designed. It was the perfect response to our brief and really brought our vision to life.

How does your brand identity reflect the essence and values of your business?

Our brand identity perfectly reflects who we are and has played a huge part in our success as a new business in a competitive industry. It embodies our heritage, expertise, and modern approach, giving us a distinctive edge.

Brand Design by Studio Campbell

Can you tell us about any big exciting projects Ellwood PR have been working on recently?

Yes, of course, we have been thrilled to work on several exciting initiatives recently including:

 These projects exemplify our dedication to delivering tailored PR strategies that elevate our clients' profiles and support their business objectives.

Thank you so much for your time Adam. One last question - Would you recommend my services? If so, what would you tell them?

Without question, we would recommend your services. We would tell them that you are the best in the business, combining creativity with a deep understanding of client needs. The quality of your work and the passion you bring to your projects is unparalleled. Your expertise in blending creativity with strategic insight makes Studio Campbell the perfect partner for businesses looking to elevate their brand and online presence.

Studio Campbell projects completed for Ellwood PR include:

  • Branding

  • Business Stationery - business cards, headed paper, comp slips

  • Website Design

  • Awards Presentation Documents for various property developers.

If you're looking to start a business, rebrand, or need some design support for a new project, please do get in touch with Studio Campbell. I would love to help you bring your vision to life. Contact me here to get started.


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